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the smart system
that saves your home
smartphone showing sensors' levels
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MyMeterMyMeter Logo brown
is the control and measurement system that warns you quickly about any problems related to the excessive presence of moisture in wooden buildings.
smartphone held on hand showing statistics of humidity
with any smartphone you have MyMeter at your fingertips

Thanks to the innovative analysis and control solution, MyMeter provides early indications allowing to carry out any rehabilitation interventions before the damages are too serious and is consequently compromised the duration and safety of the structure itself.

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The integrated wifi allows you to connect with any smartphone to control MyMeter at the touch of your hand.

Economic advantages:

Incidence of damage


Potential insurance savings


MyMeter system cost


Indicative cost ratio in relation to the potential damage due to excess humidity neglected for a long time compared to the cost of the structure, the potential insurance savings and the cost of the MyMeter system in relation to the real estate value.



The infiltration of moisture in the wood can cause substantial damage with significant costs that the system MyMeter, developed by WoodControl, can report in advance allowing to solve the problem before it is too late.

The permanence of an excess of humidity can cause the growth of molds and fungi and the rotting in the wood with irreparable structural damage, making your home unhealthy and insecure.

foto di legno marcito a causa della permanenza di acqua nelle fibre

In the case of properly constructed buildings, moisture infiltrations can be caused, as in masonry buildings, by raising the strata or by wearing down the waterproofing materials. With the installation of permanent sensors of the MyMeter system it is possible to monitor and provide timely reporting in case of problems.


Easy to install the MyMeter system includes a control unit equipped with a very low consumption microcomputer with integrated WiFi to connect with a normal smartphone, a tablet or any PC, and a series of sensor units to be installed in the appropriate positions.

The reliability over time and the accuracy of the data collection and transmission system has long been tested both on site and in laboratory and complies with current regulations.
Access to information provided by MyMeter with a smartphone is simple and intuitive. Just a touch and thanks to the presentation easily understandable graphics, you can instantly check the state of health of wood and your structure.
Even when you are not connected to your smartphone, MyMeter will continue to monitor humidity levels for you by giving you an alarm acoustic in case they become excessive.

foto dei sensori e della centralina del sistema MyMeter


The MyMeter system consists of a MyControl controller and several sensors that can be connected to a pair of electrodes or multielectrodes for special cases.
Very low consumption sensors are available on a special data bus, battery powered or battery powered radio transmission sensors 230VAC network, and wave-fed sensors sent to 230VAC power supply network from which they also draw power.

The control unit is able to automatically detect the sensors that stop communicating for any reason, giving an audible alarm. The alarm is also given if an excessive level of humidity is detected.

A special tool is supplied to authorized installers for configuring the sensors according to the technical standards.

foto dei sensori e della centralina del sistema MyMeter


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